Introduction to HedgeWitch Permaculture by Heather Dakota

Introduction to HedgeWitch Permaculture

Self-Study Workshop
In this online workshop, we’re going to look at a magical way of gardening that connects us to Mother Earth and the land beneath our feet.

The workshop is broken up into four modules. 
Module 1: What is Hedgewitch Permaculture 
Module 2: Adding Magic to Your Landscape
Module 3: Know the Land
Module 4: Plan Your Hedgewitch Garden 

Each module contains an action plan, so you can get started right away in connecting with Mother Earth. 
Introduction to Hedgewitch Permaculture lays the groundwork for you to grow your own magical herbs, flowers, and nourishing vegetables, while regenerating and honoring Mother Earth. The workshop is entirely online for two days with the core teachings delivered via email on class days. 

What's Included:

Welcome with tips to get you started.

Module 1: What is Hedgewitch Permaculture?
  • What is a Hedgewitch? What is Permaculture? How do they relate to each other?
  • 7 Essentials for Riding the Hedge
  • 13 Principles of Hedgewitch Permaculture Explained Replay + Q&A
  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Action Plan to put what you've learned into use right away.
Module 2: Adding Magic to Your Landscape & Life
  • Garden Witchery
  • How to Talk With Plant Spirits
  • Top 5 Ways to Create A Magical, Sacred Garden Replay + Q&A
  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Play Sheet to put what you've learned into use right away.
Module 3: Connecting With the Land Beneath Your Feet
  • Work with the Elements
  • Earthing: Connecting with Mother Earth
  • 5 Ways to Know the Land Where You Live Replay + Q&A
  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Action Plan to put what you've learned into use right away.
Module 4: Planning Your Hedgewitch Gardens
  • Create A No-dig Hedgewitch Garden
  • Wisdom Wheel Garden Planning
  • 10 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Witchy Gardens Replay + Q&A
  • Put it in Motion - downloadable Action Plan to put what you've learned into use right away.
  • How Much To Plant Xcel spreadsheet
  • Safe Seeds Guide
  • Wisdom Wheel Planner
  • Resources
  • And so much more!

Content Delivery

  • Written posts
  • Audio
  • Live Session Q&A Replay 
  • Discussion via private forum

Refund Policy

Refunds are not offered for this course. Please be certain of your commitment when you register. Work at your own pace and come back as often as you like. 


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Meet Heather Dakota

Hi there! I'm Heather Dakota. I help artists, writers, healers, and Magick Makers birth amazing businesses and books that support their enchanted lives.

I combine 25 years in publishing, regenerative gardening, and my witchy ways into a world of possibilities for people. 

I specialize in stirring the cauldron of your fabulous ideas to help you weave your sacred words into magical online altars, books, products, and businesses that captivate your audience.

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How long will I have access to the material?

You will have access to the material as long as I have this platform. Come back as often as you like. Work at your own pace.

How long are the live events?

The live events are about 1 hour. I leave plenty of room to answer questions and talk about your land and magic practice.

What do I need for this course?

  • A beverage (Witch's Choice)
  • A journal and pen for taking notes
  • Garden area or container garden that you'd like to make sacred space

Do you have to use the word "Witch" when it comes to gardening?

Yes I do. This is who I am. My question to you is "Why are you afraid of that word?" There are a lot of stories about witches that are simply not true. Historically, Witches were empowered women. They were the healers, midwives, and herbalists of the tribe or village. I incorporate magic into my gardening to bring me into deeper relationship with Mother Earth. I truly believe that what is missing in our lives is a connection to the land and all living beings. We are not separate from or superior to HER. We are a part of the great web. This is my belief. It doesn't have to be yours. I respect your right to believe as you do, and request the same from you. I have had people of all races and religions in my courses and circles. All I ask is that you bring an open mind, open heart, and respect to allow others to believe as they do.  Now, that being said, you can enjoy the gardening and permaculture information in this course and tune out and off when we start talking about magick. I will not be offended.